For immediate release March 2, 2015

Computer Composition of Canada and Inc. today announced that they have entered into an agreement merging the two companies. Per terms of the agreement, Linda Rowe, proprietor of Computer Composition of Canada, has made a long-term commitment to Inc. in becoming a shareholder. The merger will extend the capabilities of both companies and create a single, world-class supplier of visual, digital and text based services to their customers. Inc. is one of North America’s leading suppliers of visual materials for the life and physical sciences within the educational marketplace. The merger will expand their capabilities for the development and delivery of a total solution package that includes print, web and mobile solutions for their clients with both 2D and interactive 3D components.

Computer Composition of Canada has been offering design, layout and traditional typesetting services to a wide variety of customers for over 40 years. CCC has made the significant investment in human and technical resources required to meet the everevolving needs of their clients. This includes preparing and testing content to adhere to recent accessibility requirements and supporting client efforts to deliver premium content in a timely manner.

“Having worked with Imagineeringart on a number of digital projects,” said Linda Rowe, owner of Computer Composition of Canada, “I realized early on that the synergies between the two companies presented us with multiple opportunities to advance technically, and that combining the efforts of the very skilled artists and Project Managers at Imagineeringart with the designers and production staff at Computer Composition would create a fantastic full service team.”

“In the future,” said Bill Meek, president and principal shareholder of Inc. “the development and creation of curated educational content will be best served by those companies which can deliver the material in any of the formats required by the users. This merger opens up a wide range of alternative delivery methods for us and allows us to focus on our core capabilities, including our new interactive 3D object viewer, while addressing the needs of the marketplace for platform independent educational products.”

For additional information please contact Bill Meek, President

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