Interactive Media Objects

Learning by doing

An Interactive Media Object (IMO) is a tool to deliver a learning objective to your audience in a visually rich, engaging, and fun way. They are built upon standard media and packaged as a robust business unit for longevity, portability, and ease.

IMOs are an answer to a cost effective, data driven, micro web application aimed at solving a common pedagogical objective in a modular and re-usable fashion. This set of learning interactives have been formulated using modern Open Web standards tempered with a broad reaching compatibility and accessibility focus.

Let’s get started

We are artists, editors, and developers shaped by the book publishing industry. When it came time to build upon our legacy, we started with the familiar, the image figure, and designed treatments aimed at augmenting and enhancing art via an engaging interactive experiences.

We invite you to browse all of our IMOs in the Portfolio section or from the selection of examples below.

Image Figure

Figure Comparison

Image Overlay

Pan and Zoom Tour


Compatibility across the board

Great care is taken to build each interactive with the broadest compatibility in mind. We start with a clean HTML5 semantic markup and couple this with an extensively tested application layer. Our templates sport a wide range of cross-platform, cross-browser compatibility and are built responsive for the mobile landscape.support_grid_placeholder

We have taken robust content to a whole new level, as each of our IMOs is inherently its own intrinsic fallback, great for EPUB scripted content requirements at the same time providing a meaningful print format — no content gets left behind. Feel free to drop by our evergreen Interactive Media Objects – Support Grid for details.

Accessibility is usability

From inception, our IMOs are born “accessible for all”. WCAG 2.0 and WAI-ARIA 1.1 standards compliance is a must, we take our learners abilities to heart and each interactive is produced and fully tested for a wide gamut of accessibility tools. Accessibility means usability, and being carefully crafted means your learners can choose how they interact and thus will come to expect the best from their digital learning experience.

Flexible yet consistent

Templates foster consistency and help to set a baseline to build upon. Despite being a package, the flexibility offered via parameterization and semantic influence grows with every iteration. As we engage with you to define and expand upon this baseline, everyone benefits, right down to the student. These templates also provide an entry point for new digital producers learning the ropes and budget constraint educators, to add engaging interactivity while meeting their targets goals.

Why go IMO?

With so many facets to building interactives for all potential platforms and potential needs, the costs can be prohibitive. We’ve addressed this issue for you through the development cycles, the complex testing matrices, a wide range of tools, and technology expertise in the digital publishing space from standards to deployment. All in an effort to bring the power of interactive media, associated data, accessibility, usability, and conformance to enhance learning outcomes and engage future generations.

Let’s work together

We are content specialists, so our first priority is building meaningful learning material. We are committed to this ideal, in fact our approach is to remove the software component entirely and focus on content creation. When you decide to create an IMO with us, your only cost consideration is the content; namely the art and data-set which drives them. We provide the interactive framework, this means that once your IMO is built, the package can then travel freely to whatever output channel you desire. To that end we also offer:

  • Support packages
  • Additional output channels; EPUB, EDUPUB, EPUB-SC
  • Modular Addons
  • Analytics package integration
  • Art and/or Data-set refresh

Licensing and Contacts

The IMO initiative is built upon carefully chosen and augmented Open Web technologies and libraries. All our related libraries use strictly commercially viable licenses. We make interactive development feel more like its media counterpart; no royalties or licensing confusion, just your content, your way! We offer the use of our framework like any other application, in its compiled form, thus while the IMO source code itself is our own, you are free to do with your content what you choose.

Drop us a line, we are eager to talk and see how we might help you deliver the next level in learning.

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